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Peter K. Murphy

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During his career, both as a businessman and a diplomat, Peter K. Murphy held a number of top positions in Europe, the US, China and Latin America. His understanding of commercial and political realms is truly exceptional.

Mr Murphy is the acting Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Order of Malta to the Principality of Monaco. In January 2011, in the presence of Prince Albert II and the Minister of State Mr. Michel Roger, Mr Murphy inaugurated the new Embassy of the Order in Monaco. During his 31-year career with the US Department of State, Mr Murphy held top positions at the United States diplomatic missions throughout the world as well as in Washington.

In particular, in 1991 - 1993 as the Special Envoy to Romania he negotiated with the Romanian government the enactment of legal changes to existing laws of Romania to allow for the creation of National Adoption Commission. In 1989 – 1991 Mr Murphy worked in the American Embassy in Bonn, Germany, as the Minister Counsellor and directed the implementation of contingency plans for US diplomatic representation in Germany following the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1984 – 1988 as the US Ambassador to Vatican Mr Murphy negotiated a number of highly sensitive political problems resulting, for example, in the legalization of the Solidarity Union in Poland and the granting of initial human rights concessions in the Soviet Union. During his time in Rome much of the “behind the scenes” work involving the release of American Middle East hostages was conducted. In 1981 – 1984 as the US Consul General in Genoa, Italy, Mr Murphy established close contacts with leading Italian industries, such as FIAT, Pirelli, Otto Melara and Ansaldo, and facilitated the entry of 12 American firms into the Italian market. In 1977 – 1980 Mr Murphy negotiated with China the establishment of the first two American Consulates in the Peoples Republic of China.

Throughout his career Mr Murphy took a number of top positions in business.

In 2006, on behalf of American investment group Emerging Market Research Inc Mr Murphy established Marco Research S.A.M and remains the company's president. In 1999 - 2004 Mr Murphy was the president of Festival Management S.A.M., the commercial and financial headquarters of Festival Cruises, the leading privately owned cruise company in Europe. In 1994 - 1999 Mr Murphy was the senior advisor to Stanley Associates Inc that provides services to the U.S. federal civilian, defence and intelligence agencies.

Mr Murphy received a number of professional awards:

  • Secretary of State’s Superior Honor Award
  • Secretary of State’s Distinguished Diplomatic Service Award
  • Officer of the Order of Saint Charles, Principality of Monaco
  • Commander of the Order of Grimaldi, Principality of Monaco
  • Knight Commander of the Order of Merit, Republic of Italy
  • Knight Commander of the Order of Pius IX, Vatican City
  • Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
  • Grand-Cross (Pro Merito Melitensi) of the Order of Malta

Mr Murphy is the graduate of Harvard University and speaks English, Spanish, Italian and German.